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Legal Services

Group legal coverage does not roll over from year to year. If you want coverage under the MetLife Legal Plan, you will need to elect coverage during enrollment. If you elect to join the MetLife Legal Plan, coverage will begin January 1 and remain in effect through December 31. If you choose to join the MetLife Legal Plan, you must participate for the full year.

Group Legal Plan

The MetLife group legal plan is available to all OnePlus eligible team members during annual enrollment this year.

Most people don’t have an attorney, fear the high cost of legal fees and don’t know how to find an attorney if they have a legal issue. The MetLife Legal Plan provides you with easy access to pre-qualified attorneys and covers most personal legal matters. The MetLife Legal Plan provides legal assistance in connection with:

  • Preparation of estate planning documents, including simple and complex wills, trusts, living wills and powers of attorney;
  • Real estate matters, including the purchase or sale of a home, refinancing a home, tenant negotiations and property tax assessments;
  • Financial matters, including personal bankruptcy, debt collection and identity theft;
  • Traffic violations, excluding DUI;
  • Family law matters, including adoption assistance and premarital agreements; and
  • Consumer protection matters, including small claims assistance.

Note: Please be advised that no employment-related matters are covered by the MetLife Legal Plan.

Under the MetLife Legal Plan, participating team members and their eligible OnePlus dependents are provided with telephone and office consultations for an unlimited number of covered legal matters, and all covered matters are 100% paid for by the plan. MetLife has an extensive network of pre-qualified attorneys, allowing participants in the MetLife Legal Plan to choose from over 9,000 attorneys across the country.

The cost of the MetLife Legal Plan is fully paid for by you, if you elect to participate. The cost is $7.62 per bi-weekly pay period ($16.50 per month) and is automatically deducted from your paycheck on an after-tax basis.

Even if you don’t anticipate needing legal assistance, you should still consider whether the MetLife Legal Plan is right for you in the event of an unexpected situation.

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